Pregnancy Help (314) 962-5300

One of the great joys and comforts of pregnancy is sharing the exciting news that you’re expecting a baby. When everything’s in place, when you’re ready, the news of a baby on the way can be thrilling and bring such happiness! But when there’s no one you feel that you can tell about your situation, because you weren’t planning to get pregnant right now in the first place, the world can suddenly turn very dark; especially if you’re still in school and have no way to support yourself and a baby.

Birthright STL can offer you all of the support you need – from counseling to medical care to emergency housing – to relieve your stress and work through your pregnancy. Our four St. Louis offices – in Brentwood, Bridgeton, South County, and Midtown St. Louis are only a text (314-690-1950) or phone call (314-962-5300) away. During regular business hours you can just walk right in.

One of the most critical ways that Birthright Counseling STL helps with unplanned pregnancies is through a scholarship fund that enables our clients to continue with their education throughout their pregnancies and after. We firmly believe that no woman or teen should have to choose between her baby and her education.


Fourteen years ago, in 2001, Friends of Birthright Counseling St. Louis, organized their first Run for Life and Education to help fund our scholarship program. Since that time thousands of St. Louisans have joined in the effort. And the fun!

10626623_834250479927626_8838349694297003274_nThis year’s Birthright Run for Life and Learning 6K/1M/Kids Run with Fredbird is scheduled for Saturday, September 5th alongside beautiful Creve Coeur Lake.

Such loving, community-wide initiatives help women and girls wrapped in the darkness of fear and hopelessness emerge into the light, where their dreams can take flight and their babies can be born. Birthright’s 24 hour/7 days a week Hotline is: 1-800-550-4900.