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Thank you for visiting Birthright today for support. Here at Birthright we understand that there are many reactions to seeing a positive pregnancy test, jubilation, anxiety, shock, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. All of these emotions are welcome here at Birthright, and all of our counselors want to aid women in their decisions related to pregnancy. This blog will act as another resource for women anywhere who are struggling with a crisis pregnancy, and any related difficulties mothers face.

Many women who come to Birthright are unsure of their future, how to tell their families, or how they will handle having a child. Birthright seeks to support the mother where she is at, and not only help her as a mother but also as a woman. Groups and counseling sessions offered at Birthright are focused on achieving a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of life. This includes physical and mental health, relationships, education, and social supports. Birthright believes that in every woman there is innate dignity and worth. We would like to aid all women in identifying their own personal strengths, support them through the obstacles they have faced in the past, and move on to a brighter future.

Finding out you are pregnant can be very exciting, but also incredibly terrifying. Before you knew about your pregnancy you were probably concerned about your daily life, paying bills, maybe doing your homework, or getting to work on time. Now you may have begun to research options looking for any guidance on unplanned pregnancies, and where to go from here. Who can you talk to about your uncertainty about being a mother? Who can you talk to when being a mother was never in the plan? This is a blog for you.

The question is, where to start? Before you begin your decision process, Birthright wants you to know that we understand that this is a difficult time for you. It may feel like your entire world has changed, and the dreams and goals you once had are now in question. Please know that you deserve respect and support as you make your decision. When making your decision Birthright wants to help inform you of all your options. No one will be effected more by your decision than you and the baby.

First take a slow deep breath and allow yourself to calm. This can be a scary time, but you have resources available even if you feel alone. When first making your decision, educate yourself on all of your options. Look to see what available supports you have in your family, community, and state. Birthright can help you in your search as well. Educate yourself on abortion and the child’s development. Birthright can be a resource that will offer you referral services and above all supportive non-judgmental counseling for any woman in need of pregnancy assistance. We are here to answer all of your questions and aid you during this time

Take some time to reflect.  Sit back take the time you need to process all of your feelings. This is your decision. You are strong and you have already taken the necessary steps to research your pregnancy and inform yourself.