Helping Someone Else Through a Pregnancy

If your friend or family member has confided in you to help them you have a very important role. The most important thing you can do is to listen.

Please know that anyone can come to Birthright to talk about a loved one experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.  Below is a list of suggestions to help someone through  an unplanned pregnancy.


    • Listen, Listen, Listen.
    • Call Birthright.
    • Help her identify her core values before a crisis occurs.
    • Help her stay true to her values once confronted with a crisis.
    • Know who she is as a person and what she values so that you can advocate for her when she feels like she does not know herself.
    • Ask her what she will think of this decision in a month. A year? Five years? Ten years?
    • Help her problem solve. If she is worried about how her future will be affected by a decision, imagine the possible scenarios with her.
    • Remind her that this crisis is temporary.
    • Express your concern about her situation and that you want what will be best for her now and in the future.
    • Ask how you can help instead of telling her what to do.
    • Listen to her thoughts and concerns and let her know that you are always there to talk.
    • Encourage her to reach out for help – to speak to a professional or someone trustworthy who has her best interests at heart.
    • Help her slow down and not make a hasty decision. Encourage her to take her time.

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