How Am I Feeling?

Are you happy? Angry? Scared? Indifferent? Confident? Lonely?  Or just too mixed up to even know?  Don’t worry. This is normal. You are just reacting to the shock of your situation if this is an unplanned pregnancy. Before you can make a healthy choice about what to do, you need to have an understanding of the feelings you are experiencing. A sound decision can not be made solely on your emotions. A lot of times your head might tell you one thing, but your heart feels another. At Birthright, we can help you connect to your feelings so that you can understand them and think rationally during an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

Here are some common feelings you may have:

  • Disappointed or angry
  • Rejected or hurt
  • Feeling like a Failure
  • Guilty or ashamed
  • Happy
  • Scared
  • Overwhelmed
  • Confused
  • Anxious or panicked
  • Embarrassed
  • Trapped
  • Strong
  • Peaceful
  • Uncertain

If you feel any of these emotions regarding your pregnancy, please contact a Birthright counselor so that we can listen to your story.

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