Is My Relationship Healthy?


  • Is respectful of my possessions
  • Treats me as an equal
  • Listens to me without judgement
  • Gives me space when I need to be alone
  • Values my opinions
  • Likes that I have friends and encourages me to hang out with them
  • Tries to understand how I feel
  • Encourages me to pursue my individual dreams
  • Trusts me
  • Takes responsibility for behaviors
  • Has good communication skills
  • Encourages me
  • Admits to being wrong
  • Accepts me as I am and doesn’t want me change for him


  • Is very controlling
  • Makes me check in when I am with my friends
  • Has unreasonable standards he wants me to always live up to
  • Is jealous of me having friends and spending time with them
  • Tries to control and limit my time with people that are important to me
  • Blames me even when it was not my fault
  • Makes all the decisions
  • Gets violent or physically threatening
  • Makes me feel scared or unsafe
  • Embarrasses me in front of others
  • Makes me cry
  • Makes me feel uncomfortable
  • I feel pressured to do things sexually I am uncomfortable with
  • Calls me names
  • Purposely hurts my feelings
  • Controls my money
  • Disregards my privacy
  • Threatens me

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