Melissa’s Smile

The Melissa’s Smile Assistance Program was established in September 2016 in memory of Melissa, a young woman with special needs. Melissa had been part of the Birthright family her whole life. Though nonverbal, Melissa’s smile brought love and light to everyone she encountered.

The news that your baby will be born with special needs is a frightening, stressful time for all parents.

Birthright believes in the right of every mother to give birth to her special child, as well as the right of every special child to be born.

Melissa’s Smile is a counseling and supportive resource for mothers and fathers whose baby has been diagnosed prenatally with a genetic abnormality or whose baby has been born with a disability or serious medical condition.

If you are expecting a baby with special needs.

If you are expecting a baby with complex health issues.

If your baby is born with disabilities.

If you had an abnormal prenatal genetic screening.

If your baby was stillborn.

If your baby is in the NICU.

Melissa's Smile

Crystal came to Birthright distraught about her pregnancy. At 20 weeks, an ultrasound revealed her baby had Down’s Syndrome.

Physicians encouraged her to terminate. She struggled with considering an abortion to protect her baby from a painful life.

After the counseling, Crystal decided to have her baby. She continued coming in for counseling and financial assistance with medical expenses and respite care.

Today, her baby boy is a source of joy to her family.

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