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What Should I Do?

If you are pregnant…If you are scared…You are not alone. Birthright can help. The first step is talking to someone who can answer your questions and provide information regarding your pregnancy options.

What Now?

Take a deep breath and slow down. You want to make an informed decision.  Contact Birthright Counseling, St. Louis.

How Am I Feeling?

At Birthright, your counselor will help you sort through the mix of feelings you may have when facing an untimely or unplanned pregnancy, and can help you address and deal with the mixed reactions you may be getting from family and friends. Our counselors are experts in working through the fogginess and fear of an untimely pregnancy.

I Have So Many Questions

Pregnancy is life changing and we understand that you have many questions, especially if you’re unsure what to do. Birthright offers individual meetings with a professional counselor.

Is My Relationship Healthy?

Do you have questions about your relationship? Are you unsure if this is the best relationship for you? Birthright offers individual meetings with a professional counselor.

Helping Someone Else Through a Pregnancy

If your friend or family member has confided in you to help them you have a very important role. The most important thing you can do is to listen. A Birthright counselor will answer your questions.


Birthright Counseling St. Louis is a non-profit agency supported by tax deductible donations, dedicated volunteers and professionals.

Birthright does not receive any funding from the State or Federal Government.  Donors may qualify for the Missouri Pregnancy Resource Center Tax Credit, which provides a tax credit equal to 50% of your donation for donations of $100.00 or more.


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