Individual Counseling

At Birthright, your counselor will help you sort through the mix of feelings you may have and mixed reactions you may be getting regarding your unplanned pregnancy. Our counselors are experts in working through the fogginess and fear of an untimely pregnancy.

Although our counselors are professional social workers, it’s not psychotherapy or diagnosis.

It’s about you making the best plan for you and your baby.


Our Counselors Provide:

  • Caring, nonjudgmental listener support
  • Helpful information about your choices including pregnancy, adoption, and other alternatives to abortion
  • Guidance in making an informed decision
  • Ongoing help and encouragement with your pregnancy

Birthright is a non-profit agency supported by tax deductible donations, dedicated volunteers and professionals. A donation of $100.00 or more may qualify for the Missouri Pregnancy Resource Center Tax Credit which provides a tax credit equal to 50% of your donation.

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