A Few of Our Sister’s Stories

I came to Birthright wanting an abortion.

I was so set on abortion that I didn’t pay attention to what Birthright did and did not do. I just wanted to get past this and I saw a billboard and called from my car. I just asked can I come in now? The woman said yes and I hung up before she could ask my name.

I was 39 years old and distraught. I had 2 children. I just finished my Masters and I didn’t even want my new boyfriend to know about this. I couldn’t have this baby. I didn’t want to give him the chance of telling me to get rid of it. I wasn’t going to be the one who gets abandoned again.

I walked in Birthright’s door.

The counselor came out and was really sweet. I told her I think I’m at the wrong place. I told her I’m here for an abortion and she told me they didn’t do abortions. My stomach was so upset and she showed me where the bathroom was. I got sick and after she gave me a can of 7-Up to drink. She saw how panicked I was and asked me to sit down and talk.

We talked for two hours.

She didn’t judge me or tell me what she thought I should do. We talked a lot about decision making in a crisis and listening to your heart instead of your head.

I liked her because she helped me see how strong I was.

She set me up for a free ultrasound and consultation with an OB-GYN. I had a lot of medical concerns and she said a doctor could answer my questions and help with my severe anxiety and nausea.

I decided to have my baby girl.

I met with my counselor every couple of weeks. We were working on a plan and I needed her support. I found a job in my field and Birthright paid for me to get a certification I needed. They also helped with some bills when my doctor put me on bedrest.

I know if I hadn’t gone to what I thought was the wrong place, my beautiful girl wouldn’t be here.

I called Birthright because I was overwhelmed with fear.

I had taken the first of the 2 abortion pills. I was only 7 weeks pregnant and decided to have a medical abortion.

After I took the first pill I started changing my mind. I read all the medical literature and realized it was likely too late. I was too ashamed to call my doctor.

I saw Birthright’s website and called. I talked to a counselor on the phone.

She kept talking to me while another counselor set up an ultrasound appointment with an OBGYN.

The counselors said Birthright wasn’t a medical facility but wanted me to be able to talk to a specialist. The doctor got me in that morning. The ultrasound showed a heartbeat. He gave me injections to counteract the effects of the abortion pill. I was really lucky because the injections worked.

My baby boy was born in the spring.

Even though the odds were against me and my baby, Birthright didn’t think I was hopeless.

I came to Birthright when I was 18.

I was a college freshman and home for Christmas break. Only a few of my friends back at school knew I was pregnant. I hadn’t even told my old boyfriend. I guess I got pregnant around Graduation, but we had broken up. My periods were always irregular and I was so excited to go away to school so I never thought I was pregnant.

I finally realized what was happening when I felt the baby’s movement.

I was trying to deny it mostly because I was terrified to tell my parents. They thought I was perfect and I couldn’t disappoint them. I was getting overwhelmed with fear about my parents, labor and how I couldn’t handle a baby. I broke down two days before Christmas. My parents were disappointed but embraced me.  My mom knew about Birthright and we went and spoke with a counselor.

We talked for two hours. We set up a prenatal care plan.

She helped my mom work through feelings of disappointment and me work on my anxiety and embarrassment. We went back to Birthright for several counseling sessions and then I went to a post-partum support group there.

It was helpful to know I wasn’t the only one uncertain about parenting.

I had to switch schools, but my parents lovingly made a nursery for my baby boy at their home. I will start student teaching next semester.

I came to Birthright to talk about my options. I had an abortion 2 years ago and now I was pregnant again. I hated my abortion experience but my life hadn’t changed.

I let myself get pregnant again with a different man but the same story. He said he would leave me if I had the baby. With my first pregnancy I had the abortion and he broke up with me anyway. I knew I couldn’t go through the pain of abortion again.

My counselor didn’t talk about what she thought I should do. We mostly talked about my relationships and how I let boyfriends talk to me, treat me and control me.

I told her I was sometimes afraid of him. She talked about the cycle of abuse. She was worried about my safety, but we lived together and he paid all the bills. I didn’t want to go to my mom’s house because my stepdad was an alcoholic.

My counselor and I worked together and found a safe place for me to stay.

She helped me get an Order of Protection. I started going to the Happy Moms Healthy Baby group at Birthright and met some new friends.

I still have a ways to go but I feel more confident. I love my baby boy.

My friend and I went to Birthright for free pregnancy tests. I just got one because my friend was afraid to go by herself and was afraid she might be pregnant.

Her test was negative and mine was positive. I was shocked.

I thought my boyfriend and I had been really careful. We were both high school seniors and were leaving for college in 5 months. I had a scholarship for soccer. We were going to different colleges.

I didn’t want to disappoint my parents, He was afraid to tell his parents too.

My counselor understood. We weighed the pros and cons of my options. She promised Birthright would support me. She gave my boyfriend and me suggestions on how to talk to our parents.

I decided to have my baby. My boyfriend said he would break up with me if I didn’t have an abortion. My counselor helped me see that I was the one who ultimately was responsible because I was the only one who could give life to this baby. I had to be true to myself and surround myself with people who wanted what’s best for me.

I met with her once a month. My parents were angry but let me stay with them. Birthright helped me secure prenatal care because I wasn’t eligible for Medicaid or covered on my dad’s insurance. I had to give up my soccer scholarship and started school locally. Birthright gave me tuition assistance for school.

My baby boy is precious.

I’m working part-time and going to nursing school. I want to be a labor and delivery nurse.