Women's Stories

Zoey’s Story

Zoey's Story I came to Birthright wanting an abortion. I was so set on abortion that I didn’t pay attention to what Birthright did and did not do. I just wanted to get past this and I saw a billboard and called from my car. I just asked can I come in now? The woman...

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Lisa’s Story

Lisa's Story I called Birthright because I was overwhelmed with fear. I had taken the first of the 2 abortion pills. I was only 7 weeks pregnant and decided to have a medical abortion. After I took the first pill I started changing my mind. I read all the medical...

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Krystal’s Story

Krystal's Story I came to Birthright when I was 18. I was a college freshman and home for Christmas break. Only a few of my friends back at school knew I was pregnant. I hadn’t even told my old boyfriend. I guess I got pregnant around Graduation, but we had broken up....

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Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer's Story I came to Birthright to talk about my options. I had an abortion 2 years ago and now I was pregnant again. I hated my abortion experience but my life hadn’t changed. I let myself get pregnant again with a different man but the same story. He said he...

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Chloe’s Story

Chloe's Story My friend and I went to Birthright for free pregnancy tests. I just got one because my friend was afraid to go by herself and was afraid she might be pregnant. Her test was negative and mine was positive. Her test was negative and mine was positive. I...

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