What Now?

    • Take a deep breath and slow down. Don’t make a decision from your initial emotions because they are probably based in fear.
    • Separate yourself from the crisis. Remember what your values were before the crisis pregnancy occurred.
    • Try to see the whole picture – not only the short-term consequences, but also the long-term consequences.
    • Know that there is no easy fix or perfect solution.
    • Think about the people you look up to – what would they do in a situation like this?
    • Distinguish between your fears and the reality.
    • Remind yourself that there are resources to help you throughout your pregnancy (e.g., Birthright). You don’t have to
      handle everything all by yourself – Birthright can help you problem solve and come up
      with ways to alleviate the pressures you are facing.
    • Remember that no matter what you decide, your life has already changed by becoming
      pregnant. It’s too late to go back.
    • Have faith in your abilities – you can handle more than you think.
    • Most of all: be true to yourself and follow your heart. You will have to live with your
      decision for the rest of your life.

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