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A lifeline to women
for over 50 years

Since 1971,  we have met with and provided pregnancy support to over 200,000 women in the St. Louis area who needed someone to listen.  If you’re feeling pressured, overwhelmed or alone we’re here for you.

100% of our services are confidential and free, including medical-grade pregnancy tests, professional counseling, and postpartum support. We provide care from the beginning of your pregnancy and for as long as you need it once your baby is born.

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How it Works

Call, text or walk-in to one of our St. Louis offices

We talk, listen, & provide you with personalized pregnancy support

What’s next is up to you.

No matter your situation,
there is a place for you at Birthright

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Get to Know Us

Birthright STL is a pregnancy resource center with three office locations in St. Louis, MO. We believe it is every women’s right to give birth and every child’s right to be born.

What We Know

Sometimes pregnancy isn’t planned. Talking through things can help you to find clarity in an unexpected situation.

Your situation is unique and personal. We’re here to provide the pregnancy support you need.

Why Birthright

We provide a safe environment, free of judgement. You can talk, & you will be listened to.

Birthright STL is a place to sort things out. We want to help you find your path forward.

We Don't Do

We don’t preach, coerce, deceive, or show graphic images or videos.

We’re not a medical clinic and don’t do abortions.

You’re feeling alone. We get it.

Thousands of other women felt the same way… then they came to Birthright.

Nearly 1,000 St. Louis women visit us every year.

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