Adoption is one of your three pregnancy options once you’ve determined that you are pregnant.

There are three adoption options to consider as you decide if adoption is a fit for you.

1. Open Adoption

An open adoption is the most flexible type of adoption, and the birth mother gets to decide with the adoptive family how much communication is done. Both parties exchange identifying information such as full names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

2. Closed Adoption

Sometimes privacy and distance are good, especially if life circumstances are unsafe for a child at the moment. This option is best if a birth mother wants no contact with their child and the adoptive family. A closed adoption means there is no identifying information provided either to the birth families or adoptive families.

3. Semi-Open Adoption

Semi-open adoption is a mix of open and closed adoption. There is communication between the birth mother and child and the adoptive family through a third party, such as an adoption agency or chosen specialist.

Adoption takes courage and is a loving choice.

The more you know about adoption, the more you will learn whether it’s the right choice for you and your baby. Our counselors are here to talk with you as you consider adoption and help you discover the free resources and services that are available to help.

At Birthright Counseling, St. Louis, you can verify your pregnancy with a free, medical-grade urine pregnancy test and speak with a professional counselor about your options.

Schedule a no-cost and confidential initial pregnancy appointment with us. After confirming your pregnancy, we can talk through this pregnancy option and your other pregnancy options. We’re here to help you navigate through this time and help you gain the clarity you need.

You have three pregnancy options: abortion, adoption, and parenting.