You think you may be pregnant, and the thoughts start to arise, “It wasn’t supposed to be like this,” “How did I get here?” or “What am I supposed to do?” You feel overwhelmed with which direction to go or which decision to make.

Birthright Counseling, St. Louis helps you sort through your thoughts, navigate your path, and support you throughout this process. Birthright Counseling was established to help women with unplanned pregnancies or complicated issues related to pregnancy. We seek to provide comfort and assistance outside of political or religious biases.

At times, you can feel as if you have no options. Circumstances such as lack of healthcare, a non-existent support network, or a history of trauma can leave you feeling as if you have no say when it comes to keeping your baby. We can help you tackle these overwhelming circumstances because we believe it is the right of every woman to keep her baby.

You are not alone.

Schedule an initial appointment today to verify your pregnancy with a free pregnancy test or, if you are already sure you are pregnant, just come in to talk with one of our counselors.