Pregnancy Services

If you are pregnant…If you are scared…You are not alone.

Birthright can help.

The first step is talking to someone who can answer your questions and provide information regarding your pregnancy options.

Birthright offers ongoing support so women feel confident and prepared to carry their babies and to provide a safe and loving home for them.

All of our services are free and confidential.

Women Share Their Experiences

100% of Services at No Cost

You should never have to decide between your baby and complex life circumstances.

Unplanned Pregnancy

Over half of the pregnancies in the United States are unplanned.

At Birthright we see nearly 1000 women each year with unplanned pregnancies or complicated pregnancy situations.  

It is normal for your thoughts about your pregnancy to change frequently. It is important for you to care for yourself and make decisions that are healthy for you and your baby.

If you have shared the fact that you are pregnant with people, you are likely hearing many opinions on what you should do.  You may be feeling afraid to tell anyone.

Either way, Birthright is a safe, confidential place to talk to someone who will focus on you. We will support you in navigating your pregnancy and mapping out the best plan for you.

Pregnancy Help – Counseling

Our counseling program includes crisis, individual, group, postpartum, post-abortion, and father’s counseling.

Our counselors are experienced in the areas of trauma, domestic violence, mental health, substance use, housing, support systems, community resources, securing prenatal care and perinatal and postpartum anxiety and depression.

Disclaimer: Counseling is not just for people with mental health problems. Our professional counselors are ready to listen no matter how big or small your problem.

Stressful situations affect us all differently. If you do have something bigger going on, Birthright’s counselors have the knowledge, training and experience to help you.

Pregnancy Testing

We use the Pro Advantage hCG urine test. This test qualitatively detects hCG (the pregnancy hormone) at the sensitivity of 25ml U/mL.On average pregnancy can be detected at 7-10 days after conception. Our tests are run on site at a CLIA regulated lab.

Pregnancy tests are provided free of charge.

Professional Individual Counseling

Our counselors are experts in working through the uncertainty of an unplanned pregnancy.

Are you afraid to tell anyone you are or may be pregnant?

Do you have a million questions that no one seems to be able to answer?

Are you afraid the baby’s father isn’t on board?

Are you worried that you have some really overwhelming problems now and what people will think if you want to have your baby?

Possibly you are struggling with, depression, anxiety, substance use or health issues. Maybe you just want to talk.

Group Counseling and Classes

We have classes and support groups focusing on preparing for motherhood, relationships, self-advocacy, mental health, nutrition, infant safety, labor and delivery, continuing education and postpartum emotions.  Being surrounded by other women who are in a similar situation can be reassuring.

Postpartum groups are ongoing. This is a group to discuss the joys, emotions and concerns of being a new mother.

Pregnancy Support Programs

Birthright offers individual one on one meetings with a professional counselor who is specialized in making a pregnancy decision and supporting you throughout your pregnancy.

In order to participate in Birthright’s groups or programs a pregnant woman has to be referred by her Birthright counselor. Your counselor will have information on group schedules and locations.

Where Do I Start?

Call, text or walk in to one of our three locations.

If you need a pregnancy test we can do one right away. If not you can just talk. You can give as little personal info as you want. If you would like to talk a while or have a lot going on, making an appointment may be best.

3 Locations
Hazelwood | North County

Monday-Friday  9:00-4:00 (all locations)

Saturdays  9:00-1:00 (Brentwood office)

What to Expect

You won’t be asked to provide a lot of information. Everything you say and any information you give is kept confidential. No one will be able to get information about you without your written consent.

Birthright is staffed by trained professionals. You will meet with a pregnancy counselor. She will listen to you, answer your questions and tell you about Birthright’s services and programs.

You can bring the father of your baby with you or a friend or family member to accompany you. It’s up to you if you want them to sit in with you when you meet with your counselor.

You can meet with the same counselor as often as necessary through your pregnancy and after your baby is born. You can call, text or email her as well.

Birthright will provide translator services for non-English speaking women.